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Check out this super cool side by side Dutch Pour technique!

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

This is one of my favorite artists - she does an amazing job bringing color, technique and personality to her work. I learn something every time I watch her! Very inspiring!


  • Love Kanella too! She inspires me as a beginning artist.

    Dawn McFeeters on

  • KANELLA!!!! I saw that round and knew it was her! She was the first artist I ever saw pouring and I was hooked! She is how I discovered your products. I love her techniques and she explains her techniqes so well. Will be ordering soon!

    Sallie Cole on

  • Haha! I knew this was Kanella’s work as soon as I saw the omelette turning spatula. Lol. I absolutely adore her and all the work she does. I aspire to be as talented as she is. Maybe someday…

    Rebecca Ferrise on

  • Great product. Saw it for the first time when Kanella was using it. It truly is a great product. I will order more.

    Lynn Forcier on

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