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The Jumbo Silicone Craft Mat (23.6 x 31.5")


Regular price $39.00

This awesome jumbo craft mat is made of silicone to make clean up after crafts super easy.

It's 23.6 x 31.5" (60 x 80cm) so will fit under most paintings to catch your drips, and is large enough to protect your work surfaces for other crafts.

It’s great for slime, paint, clay, and any other messy craft you can dream up! And it comes with a scraper!!! 

Check out this video for tips on cleaning!

NOTE: These mats are NOT recommended for use with Art Resin. Art Resin can adhere to the surface of the mats and bond with the silicone surface. We have not had an issue with any other resin, but Art Resin causes an issue. Also, high pigment materials like Alcohol Ink can cause staining.

Customer Reviews

Based on 574 reviews
Gustavo Tobon
My mat

I have not used it yet but know people that purchase it and love it. I am sure I will as well

Patricia E Cooper
It’s great

This mat is making paint pour clean up much easier. I should have ordered a bigger one, but it works well for now

Jeanne O’Tyson
Earth friendly! No more puppy pads! Lol

Thanks Lolivefe!
I’m loving my new jumbo silicone mat! Great for use in fluid art and resin work. Also love your bottles and scraper. Saves our beautiful planet from waste! 🙏 🌎 ❤️

shaana snider

Absolutely love it!

Amy Smith
Jumbo Silicone Mat is AWESOME!

This mat has saved my sanity. I was using wax paper, parchment paper, and plain plastic to cover my table. I am beyond happy about this mat because not only does it clean up super easily, but I can also let my beautiful skins dry on it and they just peel right off for my other projects! Highly recommend this mat to anyone who uses acrylic paints, resin, or anything else.