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The Round Silicone Craft Mat - SMALL


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For those of you who like to play outside the box, the Round Mat is the perfect answer. These mats are brilliant for covering your Lazy Susan if you want to rotate your art without having to pick it up and, yes, mess up the sides. You know who you are...

The Round Mat is available in 2 sizes!

    • The Small Round is 17.75" in diameter and will accommodate large lazy Susans.

    • The Big Round is 23.5" in diameter and will accommodate larger projects.

Like the rest of our Silicone Mat family, these mats are great for anything, and roll/fold up for easy storage or transportation. All of our mats are food-grade quality so if you decide you need one for pizza instead of pouring, come and get it!

To clean, scrape wet material off or soak dry material and scrub with a sponge. You can also use packing tape to get the little leftover droplets which is a very fast way to clean you mat.

Check out this video for tips on cleaning!

NOTE: These mats are NOT recommended for use with Art Resin. Art Resin can adhere to the surface of the mats and bond with the silicone surface. We have not had an issue with any other resin, but Art Resin causes an issue. Also, high pigment materials like Alcohol Ink can cause staining.

Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend

This mat is fantastic. I love it. Paint and resin peel off so easy and the mat doesn’t move when working on projects. The size really surprised me, it was big for a small!

Small Round Silicone Mat

I ♥️ all the mats! Very easy clean up and very durable. Needless to say I am a very pleased returning customer!

Round silicon mat

Love my round mat,It fits perfect over my round turn table.

Small round

So perfect for the lazy Susan spin.

Love it

I love this mat. I can now do paints that weren’t possible for me to do. Thank you for all your wonderful products