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250ml Plastic Beakers - SPOUT - SET OF 5


Regular price $14.00

These plastic beakers are just what you need for mixing paint to the perfect consistency, with measurement markers right on the side. Now in two sizes:

  • 250ml packs of 5
  • 100ml packs of 5

The spout makes it super easy to pour your paint into your LoliVefe Squeeze Bottles! The 100ml is great for your Mini Bottles, and the 250ml is sized for your Maxi Bottles!

Also great to layering paint to flip or ring pour onto your canvas. 

Stop throwing paper and plastic cups in the trash! These plastic beakers can be washed and re-used!

NOTE: If using for resin, if you leave your stirring stick in the beaker to dry, you can generally use the stick to pull the dried resin out of the cup. You can squeeze the cups and the resin will pop out!

NOTE 2: Picture is meant to show relative size to the 100ml spout beakers. This set comes as 5 of the 250ml beakers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
patricia dickson
Mat and Cups

Don't have a review because unfortunately, i have not taken the time to use them yet as i just moved into a new apartment and still unpacking.

Katherine McCoy
New better mixing cups

Needed better cups to mix my colors.

Donna Remeika
Great Product

The plastic beakers with a spout are great for measuring pouring med. and paint on my scale....just mix and pour into LoliVefe bottles! Easy clean up...thanks Donna Remeika

holly grigsby
Excellent product

10 stars all around, easy reading measurements, accurate pour and easy clean up!!!


These are so easy to clean and the perfect size for mixing my pouring paints. I love them!