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Clock Hands & Motor Mechanisms - VARIETY PK

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These clock hands and motor mechanisms will complete your timeless works of art!

They fit well in our Wood Rounds and MDF Boards with the recessed backs minimizing extra bulk when hanging, and are designed to fit perfectly with our Silicone Clock Mold giving you a wide range of options! 

The motor mechanisms come in three sizes to accommodate different applications:

    • Short - 
    • with a screw element measuring .31" long from base to top of screw (8mm and 15mm from base to top of shaft)
      • This works well with our Silicone Clock Mold if you have a thinner pour, or other applications where your material is on the thinner side
    • Medium -
    • with a screw element measuring .43" long from base to top of screw 
    • (11mm and 18mm from base to top of shaft)
      • This works well with our Silicone Clock Mold and 15.5" MDF boards
    • Long - with a screw element measuring .51" long from base to top of screw 
  • (13mm and 20mm from base to top of shaft)
    • This works well with our 12 and 16" Wood Rounds and other applications where there is a lot of material on the surface or objects needing clearance

The clock hands come in six styles and range in length to accommodate designs with shorter hands to longer hands. The size of your piece doesn't necessarily correlate with the size of the hands as this can be a design preference, but the range of options will surely accommodate your artistic vision!

So many styles and options to choose from! The images shown here are just a few of the many, many possibilities!

Use a 10mm wrench to tighten the nut in place. 

Use a 5/16 drill bit (approx 8mm) to make the hole for the motor mechanisms. 

Note: The clock hands come with a protective film on the top of the minute, hour and second hands which should be removed prior to application. The hands fit on the shaft of the motor in order of size, largest hole first then second hand at the end to lock the hands in place. This order determines how each hand moves to keep time. If the hands are slightly bent, or get bent during the application, simply bend them back. They are very pliable but can be easily straightened if necessary. Washers are included should you need them. 

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      Crazy Crafter
      great prices

      I now have the Clock Hands and Motors for more crafts ; )
      The price was great.
      Thank you

      Julie Fred
      Awesome product

      This are great.

      Angela Di Giacomo
      clock hands and motor with resin clock mold

      i really enjoy creating these Resin Clocks in many different styles and colours.