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Clock Hands & Motor Mechanisms - LONG PK

Sale price $18.00 Regular price $24.00

These clock hands and motor mechanisms are designed for larger pieces requiring longer clock hands and thicker pieces of art (if you have a larger piece that is thin, check out our VARIETY PACK)!

They fit perfectly in our Wood Rounds and MDF Boards with the recessed backs as well as our XL Round Straight Edge Silicone Tray Molds, our Wave Tray Molds and our Silicone Clock Molds, giving you a wide range of options! 

The motor mechanisms come in two sizes to accommodate different applications and you get three in this pack:

      • One (1) Long - with a screw element measuring .51" from base to top of shaft (20mm from base to top of shaft) - this is the same Long as in our Variety Pack
      • Two (2) Extra Long - with a screw element measuring .59" from base to top of shaft (22mm from base to top of shaft)

      The clock hands come in seven styles and range in length to accommodate different design aesthetics. There are two wood clock hand sets and five metal hand sets.

      And for a limited time you get a bonus Short motor! Makes no sense but… why not? 🤗

      So many styles and options to choose from! The images shown here are just a few of the many, many possibilities! The wood on wood is a 12” round, the metal hands are shown on a 16” thick wood round and our Wave Tray Mold works beautifully as a clock!

      Use a 10mm wrench to tighten the nut in place. 

      Use a 5/16 drill bit (approx 8mm) to make the hole for the motor mechanisms. 

      Note: The metal clock hands come with a protective film on the top of the minute and hour hands which should be removed prior to application. The hands fit on the shaft of the motor in order of size, largest hole first then second hand at the end to lock the hands in place. This order determines how each hand moves to keep time. If the hands are slightly bent, or get bent during the application, simply bend them back. They are very pliable but can be easily straightened if necessary. Washers are included should you need them. 


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 5 reviews
          Christine Stotts

          So many choices that I will enjoy using.

          D Collins
          Excellent looking clock hands!

          Been looking for some different clock hands then the boring black, red, or silver ones for my epoxy clocks and these are perfect!

          Bruce Vesely
          Nice selection

          Very nice assortment of styles, but you have to be careful putting the hands on, because they are easily bent.


          Working on a 12" round for a clock and as soon as I get the epoxy added I can finish with the mechanism and clock hands and the tic marks. Of course it's in the K.C. CHIEFS colors! Can't wait till it's finished!

          Great variety

          I made a clock, and it was a little deep, but when I bought this variety pack of clock hands, I found the right set that fit, and I'm happy with the results.