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Love Handles - 8 PACK


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Fluid art is called "fluid" for a reason--paint moves, which is both magical, and...messy.

If your technique requires tilting your canvas (dirty pour, ring pour, flip, etc.), you either end up with paint on your hands (which is not good for a manicure, and probably not great for your skin), or you go through boxes of disposable gloves on a regular basis. Not to mention, tilting requires you to touch the sides of your canvas, which means you have to then fix the sides, then fix them again if you move the canvas from one place to another. 

If you use cups or anything light to elevate your canvas from your work surface, they often stick to the back of the canvas, fall over, and you scramble to re-prop your canvas on the supports before all your paint flows off the side! Yes, we've been there.

Introducing the LoliVefe Love Handles! 

  • These ingenious devices attach to the back of your canvas with ball screws designed specifically to make it easy to bite into wood by hand 
  • The handles are made of a rigid plastic that can tolerate paint, resins and other materials
  • The handles are built to move during use so you can pick up and rotate the canvas based on the desired tilt angle and direction, or you can tuck the handle under the canvas if you only need one for tilting
  • The ball screws, or "feet," keep the canvas well elevated from your LoliVefe mat (or other surface) and can be used independent of the handles if you are working without tilting (Dutch pouring, for example)

These are Love Handles you simply cannot live without!

Kit includes 8 handles, and 8 ball screws.

Click through the photos to get to the installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

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I did not receive my love Handles. This is the first time.

Maybe they were missed. Ive been thinking they are coming still. Could y'all check it out?

No more finger marks in my paintings

These take a bit longer to put on, but the bigger the painting the more helpful these handles are. I forgot to put them on the 16 x 24 I did last night and my hand slipped and I left a large mark in the paint. Fortunately, I had just begun tilting and there was enough paint to pour off that section. That wouldn't have happened if I"d used my Love Hndles! Thanks for this product.

Silicone bowels

Awesome so love these silicone bowels ,and customer service is outstanding ... I will be making more purchases in future ... one of my fave places to shop

Love Handles

I love this tool from Lolivefe. It has made my painting experience so much easier. The easy grip handles make tilting and pouring that much easier. I highly recommend this product for your acrylic pouring and painting needs.

Love Handles

They are sitting here unused as even my husband found it cumbersome... as well as difficult to attach to the back of the canvas. If you have a customer in Canada who wants them, I will forward them on for you.