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M-SERIES Mini Squeeze Bottles (150ml) - SET OF 10


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Just as awesome as our original Mini Squeeze Bottles, the M-Series has measurement markings!!! You asked and they are here!

If you're into dirty pours, Dutch pours, or don't-quite-know-what-you're-doing pours, these 150ml (5oz) squeeze bottles are must haves:

  • They are just the right size for your smaller batch color mixes
  • There are no little red caps that go missing or don't seal when you want to shake things up; the screw top keeps your paint right where you want it, (and not where you don't) 
  • Because of the screw-top seal, your paints keep longer without drying out or getting crusty
  • You can wash up easily without risk of getting water in your paint if you run the bottles under the faucet
  • Because of the measurement markings, you can mix paint in the bottles and pour out more precise amounts.

These bottles come in sets of 10 of the 150ml size. 

And while it seems obvious, it has to be said -- don't put them in the dishwasher. :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Cindy Coleman-Rush
M series bottles

I love being able to measure right in the bottle. Perfect upgrade

Christine Westbrook
Very nice bottles

These are very nice for small projects!!!

Charles Greene Jr.
Love these!

If you do Dutch pours these are the perfect size for small projects and keep your paint the way you put it in the bottle to begin with I haven't had to adjust my water levels at all since putting my paint in the bottles. I love them!

Perfect squeeze bottles for fluid paint artists

These bottles are fantastic! Great quality and seal pretty much air tight. I haven’t had any of them leak at all ( I have been using them for just over 2.5 months now), and I don’t find my paints drying out at all in them and I live in a very dry climate. I also found the measurement lines on the side to be very handy as a general guide. They are also easy to clean and so far ( knock on wood) I haven’t had any clumping or blow outs at the tip. Really good investment (in my opinion) if you want to be able to mix your colours a head of time and be able to seal and store them for another time/project. I find i also have better control of where I want specific colours and how much I’m laying down. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you

Deb Stevenson

Great size for my paints, super fast shipping I will shop anytime with this company thanks alot