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M-SERIES Monster Squeeze Bottles (500ml) - SET OF 2


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Oh Baby! Ask and you shall receive! The newest addition to our family of bottles is the Monster - 500ml or 16.9oz. Perfect for those colors you use a lot. And because our bottles have a secure twist top, you can keep large amounts of mixes for long periods of time.

The best thing about the Monsters is that they also include measurement marks on the outside! What?!?

And like our other squeeze bottles:

  • There are no little red caps that go missing or don't seal when you want to shake things up; the screw top keeps your paint right where you want it, (and not where you don't) 
  • Because of the screw-top seal, your paints keep longer without drying out or getting crusty
  • You can wash up easily without risk of getting water in your paint if you run the bottles under the faucet

These bottles come in sets of 2 of the 500ml size. 

And while it seems obvious, it has to be said -- don't put them in the dishwasher. :)

NOTE: Given the size of these bottles, they are a bit more firm to squeeze.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Crystal Simpson

M-SERIES Monster Squeeze Bottles (500ml) - SET OF 2

Teri Summers

I have really enjoyed using the bottles, they are a great quality!

Lymari Robles
Best product for storing paints

Super easy to use and fill. Once closed no condensation builds. Easy to clean and reuse.

Diane Broom
M-Series Monster Bottle. Love, love, love it!

Love all of my Lolivefe squeeze bottles, but the M- Series Monster Bottles are my main squeeze! I use one for water and the other for my white base paint. ❤️❤️❤️

metal rabbit
Easy measuring

Love these bottles, especially for my black and white base pour paintings. M series has pre measured markings. No weighing paint on scale!