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Storage Cups - 5 oz - SET OF 10


Regular price $12.50

The newest addition to our storage cup collection, these cups are perfect for saving the left over paint you mixed up for you last work of art!

And the attached lid means no more hunting when you’re ready to put away your paints. 

because these are a bit bigger, they are also perfect for storing flowers, beads, and other adornments.

These 5 oz storage cups are sold in packs of 10.

You can also get them in packs of 10 for the 2.5 oz size and packs of 20 for the 1.5 oz size. Sold separately.  

They are easy to clean and, yes, reuse!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Dede Brown
Great size and reusable!

This is a perfect size when you want to mix up a little more or have leftovers. I have been able to reuse them without issue.

Christine Compton

Storage Cups - 5 oz - SET OF 10

really like these 5 oz cups

very sturdy, good material. Had a couple of lids break off the cup right away but I'm ok with that. A little difficult for me to get the lid on the cup though

Flourishing Artistry


Kathie Lindsey
Great for leftovers!

These cups are great for storing little bits of leftover paint in my mixing cups! I can’t stand to throw anything away! Never know when I’m going to need just a tiny bit of paint. I love that the lids are attached.