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The "4-3-2-1 Launch" Box


Sale price $75.00 Regular price $109.00

This box is a great way to "launch" your crafting journey, christen your new creative space or just get organized and inspired!

It has everything you need to get started, AND you get all of these great products--10 items in total--at more than 30% off!!! 

This box includes:

  • 4  (Four) Plastic Measuring Cups w/ Handles (1 C; 250ml)

  • 3  (Three) Plastic Stirring Spoons (LARGE)

  • 2  (Two) Packs of Maxi Squeeze Bottles (SET OF 5; 250ml)

  • 1  (One) Mega Silicone Craft Mat (SQUARE - 39 x 39")

Thats $109 in items for only $75! 

But with most good (amazing!) things, this Box won’t last long. There are 50 available!

(seriously, what are you waiting for???) 4-3-2-1... Go!

Customer Reviews

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Linda Young
I love Lolivefe products! I need more!

I would buy a lot more if I had the money. The products are great!