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Wave Silicone Coaster Mold - 4 PK - OPTION 2

Sale price $20.00 Regular price $24.00

Our wave coaster molds have been one of our hottest selling items, and now you can get another wave coaster mold option with larger waves!

The light from the texture brings to life your waves in ways you couldn’t imagine! And you can use them waves up or down! Mix and max with our original wave coaster molds!

They come in a 4 pack, because one mold just isn’t enough, and work perfectly with either of our coaster holder molds to complete the set!

Measuring 4” in diameter, these molds are

  • Flexible, soft and reusable
  • Made of BPA free silicone
  • Heat resistant: -40 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit, (-40 to +230 degrees Celsius)
  • Non-stick for easy release

Tips (always follow instructions for the resin you are using - these are meant as general guidelines):

  • Always pour your resin into the hardener (pour hardener into the mixing container first, then resin). 
  • Stir resin with a plastic or silicone stirring stick to reduce air bubbles. Wood is not recommended as it can create air bubbles.
  • Let resin sit a few minutes after stirring to reduce air bubbles.
  • Don’t use a torch or heat gun as it could damage the molds and make it difficult to de-mould, causing them to tear - this is especially true near the edges.
  • Wash mold as needed in warm soapy water.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Martha Alvarez
    Wave silicone coaster mold

    Great quality molds! Very happy with my purchase. Haven’t had time to use them yet. Would definitely recommend.

    Jennifer Spencer
    Nice thin coasters.

    I do like the effect of this mold. However, if it were possible to flip it over and get a good "underside" coating, that would be helpful. Using it by itself, crates a textured wave. To put a layer on top, in order to flatten it out, you would need to put it in a second coaster mold. Putting it flip side into this mold, will only create more issues. You definitely need a plain round coaster mold, to make these work. Without the second step, they are just too thin and uneven.
    But they are GORGEOUS, don't get me wrong. Just not very user friendly.

    Amy Smith
    High quality molds!

    I am addicted to resin now and these molds are perfect!

    Joana Barton
    Wave Coasters

    Lolivefe never disappoints! I love my wave coaster molds. I have both options and they ate both perfect! I’m ordering the tray this week.

    Estelle Goodnight
    Wave Silicon Coaster Mold

    For me, there is a learning curve with these molds. I've used them twice now and each time one of the coasters didn't have enough resin on the bottom. This is not the fault of the mold -- it's my fault. I have to find a way to be sure all the waves have enough resin. They do make beautiful coasters.