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Creating Textured Resin with Saran Wrap!

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

Creating texture in resin art can transform a simple piece into a dynamic work of art. One innovative technique that has gained popularity among artists is the use of Saran Wrap. This household item, typically found in your kitchen, can be a game-changer in your resin artistry.

The process begins with your standard resin pour. Using high-quality resin and hardener ensures a clear, durable base for your artwork. Once your colored resin is mixed and poured, wait about 5 minutes to introduce the Saran Wrap.

Crumple a piece of Saran Wrap and then gently lay it on the surface of the resin. The crumpled texture of the Saran Wrap creates an intricate pattern in the resin.

Make sure there are no bubbles and also make sure you don’t create high points from the scrunching. Also, try to keep the plastic wrap from getting caught under the resin as you won’t be able to get it out once the resin cures.

When your piece is just about cured, carefully lift the Saran Wrap. The resin will have a unique, organic pattern that mimics the texture of natural elements like water or stone.

This technique can be used with any color palette or inclusions, making it a versatile addition to your resin art toolkit. It's an easy way to add depth and interest to your pieces, and the possibilities are endless.


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