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Creative Exploration: 20 Unique Materials to Embed in Resin Art

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

Resin art offers a versatile platform for creativity, allowing artists to incorporate a wide variety of materials. Here's a list of some other materials that can be used creatively in resin art:

1. Flowers and Leaves: Dried flowers and leaves can add a natural and delicate touch to resin pieces.

2. Glitter and Pigments: These can add sparkle, color, and depth to your resin art.

3. Fabric and Textiles: Lace, silk, or other fabrics can be embedded in resin for a textured effect. Tutorial to come!

4. Metals: Metal inserts, wires, or metallic foils can create an industrial or elegant look.

5. Stones and Crystals: Incorporating gemstones, crystals, or even pebbles can add a mystical or earthy feel.

6. Feathers: Feathers can create a soft and ethereal appearance in resin art.

7. Photographs and Paper: Embedding photographs, paper cutouts, or even book pages can personalize your creations.

8. Wood: Wood slices, shavings, or veneers can be used for a rustic or natural look.

9. Shells and Sand: These can create a beach-themed piece, perfect for coastal decor.

10. Insects: Some artists use preserved insects to create intriguing and unique pieces.

11. LED Lights: Embedding small LED lights can make your resin art glow and stand out.

12. 3D Objects: Small toys, gears, or other 3D objects can be embedded for a whimsical or steampunk effect. Deep molds are perfect for this application. 

13. Paint and Inks: Swirling in acrylic paints or alcohol inks can create beautiful abstract patterns.

14. Ceramics and Glass: Broken ceramics or glass pieces can be used for a mosaic effect.

15. Wax Seals and Stamps: These can add a vintage or personalized touch.

16. Spices: Some artists use spices like turmeric or cinnamon for color and texture.

17. Beads and Sequins: These can add sparkle and dimension to jewelry or decorative pieces.

18. Recycled Materials: Old electronic parts, plastic, or other recycled materials can be used for an eco-friendly approach.

19. Hair and Fur: Some artists even incorporate hair or fur, often in memorial pieces.

20. Cosmetic Products: Eye shadow or other cosmetic pigments can be used to color resin.

The possibilities are virtually endless, and the choice of materials can greatly influence the theme, appearance, and emotional impact of the resin art. Experimentation and creativity are key to discovering new and exciting ways to use these and other materials in your resin creations.

We are inspired to gather little mementos from people in our family and use those in a resin piece with our “Family” metal insert like a time capsule! How fun!


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