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Elevating Resin Artistry: The Intricacies of Metal Inclusions

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

Resin art offers a canvas for creativity, and the use of metal inclusions is becoming a popular trend among professional artists. Metal inclusions, ranging from delicate foils to intricate objects, can add a unique aesthetic and depth to resin pieces.

In this process, the choice of metal significantly influences the final look. Gold and silver foils can add elegance, while copper or brass can lend a vintage feel. Our durable silicone molds at and our MDF boards can accommodate various metal inclusions, allowing for creative experimentation.

Incorporating metal requires careful planning, as placement can affect the resin flow and final appearance. Tools like spoons and stirring sticks help to ensure your metal inclusions stay precisely placed.

Once the resin cures, the embedded metal inclusions create a stunning visual effect, catching light and adding a dynamic element to your artwork. The contrast between smooth resin and textured metal also adds a tactile element, creating an interesting sensory experience.


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