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How to clean your LoliVefe silicone craft mat!

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

Awesome! You got your mat and have been busy having fun. Now what? The paint has dried and the peeling part was fun for a while, but man, this will take forever!
To clean the little bits off if they dry on the mat, use soapy water or soak it in a sink/tub and scrub off the bits with a sponge that has the scrubby part on the back (Scotch Brite). 
Alternatively, packing tape works masterfully! And is super quick. 

Check out a video here:


  • I just discovered that Dial antibacterial soap clear in the pump bottle mixed with a little spray of water allows the scraper to just glide and clean all those little bits of paint right off the mat! Smooth as can be! Then just wipe off with a wet towel and dry!

    Kathie Lindsey on

  • Where are these products made? I am relatively new at pouring and I’m already seeing how much I need your products. They will make life easier, I have no doubt. Thank you.

    Dee B. on

  • I’ve used the scraper in the past but my mat is still a mess and I figured that I’d just live with it….but once I settle in our new place you can bet I’m going to give the tape a go! I love these mats!

    David Haskill on

  • Where do you buy these mats pls?

    Becky on

  • Ok good to know! I did use soap and water but noticed the water seep in from the sides, I figured that it wasn’t ok and have been picking it clean, then frustrated just kinda gave up. I was concerned with the water getting in it could mold. Please let me know if it’s ok – thanks

    Jessica Levi on

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