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The Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving with Resin and Fluid Art

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

The holiday season is approaching, and what better way to show your love and appreciation than with a personalized piece of art? Resin and fluid art gifts are not only unique but also a testament to the time, effort, and creativity you’ve invested. Here’s our pro tip guide on planning, timing, and ideas for your resin and fluid art gifts.

1. Gift Ideas to Spark Your Creativity:

  • Functional Art: Resin clocks, coasters, trays, or paperweights can be both beautiful and practical. Use crushed shells, mirror glass, vinyl stickers or other inclusions to make the piece even more unique. 
  • Personal Items: Design bookmarks for bookworms, keychains, or a custom piece using a metal inert that speaks to the recipient’s personal interests (I.e., an owl tray).
  • Festive Decorations: Charcuterie boards adorned with resin details set out on your dining table as a decoration, holiday-themed resin gift tags, resin ornaments, resin fir trees, resin holiday signs, resin trays and of course coasters, can elevate your festive décor.
  • For the Foodies: Resin-embellished serving trays or charcuterie boards are perfect for those who love to host. Coasters are a great gift too (did we mention coasters?). 🤭

2. Planning Ahead: The Countdown Begins!

  • August to September: Begin your crafting now. This gives you ample time to perfect your pieces and allows for any do-overs.
  • October: Finalize your creations and start thinking about presentation and packaging.
  • November: With your holiday decorations ready, you can set them up early in the month. Also, consider gifts for Thanksgiving, hostess gifts, “Friendsgiving” gatherings and gifts for your neighbors and work friends.
  • Curing Time: Factor in the curing time for resin, which can range from 24 hours to a week or more, especially if your design has multiple layers.
  • Finishing Touches: Allocate time for sanding, adding hangers, or sealing the piece.

3. Presentation & Packaging:

  • Elevate Your Gift: Use decorative boxes, ribbons, or personalized notes to make your gift even more special.
  • Care Instructions: Add a note on caring for the resin art piece, ensuring its longevity and showcasing your thoughtfulness.

4. Workshops & Kits:
If crafting isn’t your forte, consider gifting an art workshop or a DIY kit. It’s an engaging gift, allowing the recipient to tap into their artistic side.

Gift-giving is more than just a gesture; it’s an expression of love and thoughtfulness. With some planning and a splash of creativity, your resin and fluid art gifts can become cherished keepsakes. Remember, the love and effort you infuse into each piece make it invaluable.

Stay connected with our Pro Tips series as we delve deeper into the enchanting world of resin and fluid art. Happy crafting!


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