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The Advantages of MDF Boards in Fluid Art, Resin, and Mixed Media

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) has become a popular choice for artists working in fluid art, resin, and mixed media. This engineered wood product, available at in round and square formats, offers several advantages over traditional canvas, making it an excellent choice for your next art project.

MDF boards provide a solid, smooth surface that's perfect for fluid art techniques. The non-absorbent nature of MDF allows paints and resins to glide across the surface, creating stunning, flowing patterns. Unlike canvas, there's no risk of your artwork sinking or warping, ensuring a flat, even finish every time.

For resin artists, MDF boards are a game-changer. The durability of MDF makes it ideal for the heavier weight of resin. It can withstand multiple layers of resin without buckling, allowing artists to create intricate, multi-layered pieces. Plus, the edges of MDF boards can be easily sanded and finished, providing a professional look to your resin art.

In mixed media art, the versatility of MDF boards shines. Whether you're incorporating collage elements, heavy textures, or 3D objects, MDF boards can handle it all.

MDF boards are a versatile, durable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional canvases. Whether you're a fluid artist, a resin enthusiast, or a mixed media creator, consider MDF boards for your next masterpiece.

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  • Do people often use either side? I see how the inset side could be great for hanging hardware or to conceal a clock mechanism, however, I wonder how it would work to sink a metal insert or other mixed media into the inset side and resin over it. How do people most often use these items?

    Heather Aldo on

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