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When life gives you sand, make rocks!

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

This artist is super into painting rocks, but living in Florida means she doesn't have ready access to a lot of rocks. So she decided to make her own. Coloring the rocks with different paints and dyes she could create a lot of different effects. As for the clean up? She said she scrunched up the mat and the plaster popped right off!


  • Hello Vickie. I’m not sure that you’ll see this comment because I don’t know if you’re still watching for an answer or have found other ways for information by now but wanted to respond just in case you were just waiting for someone to answer. 🙂 I don’t have the exact recipe with me right now but there are a lot of great videos on You Tube about making your own rocks and also tutorials in a lot of rock groups on Facebook. One group that is good to go get information and other stuff is “ROCK-ing Kindness Around The World”. It’s an awesome group. If you join look for me Brandy Kay Barber and say hello. Hope this is allowed and helps someone 🙂

    Brandy Barber on

  • I recognize those “molds”. They are silicone food savers. And it looks like an avocado set is good too. I found them here

    Dan on

  • Could you please tell me your recipe for rocks and where did you get these molds that you used?
    Very interested.

    Vickie on

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