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Interview with Elena Zernova: Mixed Media and Ocean-Scape Master

Posted by Adryanna Sutherland on

We love a good ocean-scape and Elena Zernova (IG @ZernovaArt) is the gold standard. Her art is so gorgeous, it takes your breath away. From her ghostly blue and aqua color combinations, to the dimension she creates, her art is unlike anything we've ever seen. Her oceans look so real, you'll want to step out onto the beach! And watching her process videos as she creates her art... it's intoxicating. We find ourselves watching her content for hours and hours. And we're confident, you'll want to, too. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this interview (and hurry up and follow her already!).

Tell our audience how you got into art? What is your favorite technique?
I believe that all people go through life by way of art. Someone bakes great cupcakes at home, someone is a masterpiece dog groomer, someone is a very talented salesperson. I believe that ALL people are involved in some form of creativity, just not everyone knows it about themselves )))))

Regarding me - almost everything I have done in my life has been related to the creation of visual objects. I am a graphic designer by profession. I worked for large advertising agencies creating visuals for advertising campaigns. Then I had a furniture production business. The design and production of everyday objects - this falls under industrial design.  And then I found out that there is ResinArt technology, which can be used to create imitations of the ocean. What I do now is not purely ResinArt - I would say that I combine my different skills to create 3D oceans.

So if I think back to the question you asked originally - I didn't come into art, I just migrated from one area of art to another. And I don't have a favorite technique - I like to combine things that haven't been combined before. That's probably why I've been able to add things to ResinArt that other people haven't done before. Although that's why I've gotten the hate from some people. But... I thank them for that hate as it's what made me get the idea to add Artificial Intelligence work into what I do. It was a challenge for me and it was fascinating. I feel grateful to these people. 

Where do you get your inspiration?
Don't laugh. Honestly, I get my inspiration from people and instagram. Yes, I know the feelings of many newbies who start instagram for promotion. What I want to point out to such people is this: imagine that Instagram can be your point of growth as a person, and also you can do it for fun! Seriously! For newbies, it's torture. 

I'll tell you. Personally, I connect with people who live all over our planet. It gives me great pleasure and this communication inspires me.

In terms of personal growth: 
1) a lot of newbies will say "I'm not good enough to show off on instagram".  I have this response, "so change what you don't like about yourself. Become the best version of yourself!"

Personally, I've taken care of my appearance, started exercising a lot more, and learned how to get better at marketing through different courses.

2) Newbies will say, "I have an ordinary life, I have nothing to show in stories" I'll tell you how I answered this question for myself: I have new hobbies - I started sup-boarding and wakeboarding to create an instagram story, but I enjoyed it so much that it became part of my life - I really love it.  If you don't have anything to show on instagram - make your life different yourself.

It all gives me so much energy and inspiration.

What is your favorite part of the process?
To take packages to the post office! I know that pieces of my oceans will end up elsewhere on the planet. I imagine that everyone I send packages to is my friend - it's a great feeling.

Do you have a favorite piece of art that you have created? 
Honestly, no, I don't have any favorites.

What advice would you give to new or up and coming artists?
Many of the artists don't want to do sales.  But it really needs to be done (you may not do it yourself). Almost all of the people I know who didn't sell their art stopped doing it pretty early on. 

The process of creating art should be like a river with water flowing through it. If the water stands still, it can turn into a swamp. 

Let the prices be minimal to begin with, in order to recoup the materials - but you have to make sales. 

Where can people find you?
Instagram: ZernovaArt or web site: www.Zernova.Art

Seriously, check out ZernovaArt!


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