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Resin Shaping Balls - VARIETY PACK


Sale price $12.00 Regular price $16.00

These plastic balls are perfect to shape your resin trays, cake stand masterpieces and other art forms where you want a bit of a curved edge.

Slip them inside the mold once the resin has firmed up but before your piece fully sets up and leave them until your resin is fully cured. Use them over and over on nearly any shape mold. 

This variety pack includes ten 1" ball’s, ten .5” balls, and ten .4” balls!

Warning: Choking hazard 

Customer Reviews

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carol stewart
Look perfect!

I was so excited that she offered such a great deal on this mixed size of balls! Things have been hectic around here, but I purchased the small flower shaped coaster and the square tray so I can play with some different ideas I have to use these with! Looking forward to trying them out! I always post my projects on my IG if anyone wants to follow to see what I make with them, it is "Pennysaddy" 🥰

Sonya Gratz
Exactly what I needed.

I work in 1:4 & 1:3 scale and these will be great for quite a few projects on my To Do list. The weight is heavier than I thought it would be which is great! 😊


Loved it! Thank you!!

Karina Mota D01-000188
Good communication

Material is good. I thought they were bigger, but they are ok.

Great seller!

Nature Explorer-Art
Various Sizes

These are great and very useful for giving shape to an otherwise flat resin piece.