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16" Solid Wood Round - THICK


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These beautiful solid wood rounds give you a substantial foundation upon which to create gorgeous works of art. 

At .87" thick and made of solid Paulownia wood, these slightly chunkier rounds have a smaller cut out in the back for hanging, making them ideal for acrylic painting and pouring, as well as resin. And you may just be tempted to oil it as it comes and use it for serving! 

These thicker wood rounds come in 8", 12" and 16" sizes, all measuring .87" thick.

The cut out is .435 deep (50%). The 8” cut out is 3.8” in diameter. The 12” and the 16” are both 5.9” in diameter. 

Note: Because these rounds are made of real wood, you must first seal the top (and sides if you plan to paint the sides) with a thin layer of paint, primer or gesso. Otherwise the rounds could warp depending on the amount of paint you use and the percent of water in your mix. Sealing them first will help to keep the wood stable. Also lay flat to dry or prop up on the OUTER edges, not the center.

This is not an issue for resin as it is not water soluble.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lisa Carper
Best quality best price!

Love these wood rounds, in any size! They are thick with a center curve cut in the back for hanging. They are smooth and accept primer beautifully! Can’t go wrong!!!

Cathy Davis

The wood is so smooth and even can’t wait to use it

Rebecca Falbo
Solid wood round

I love the wood round! It’s so pretty that I haven’t decided what to paint on it. I want it to be special!

Carol Miller
I do not have a solid Wood Round - 16”. Did you send one??

Would love one. Think I ordered one, but do not have any!!

Susan Petrie
16" Solid Wood Round

Great product and excellent quality. I prepped the wood with a coat of gesso and paint before my resin pour, added legs and it made for a beautiful side table. I love all of Lolivefe products.