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3-D Crystal Silicone Mold


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Make gorgeous crystal chards for all your crafting projects with this beautiful silicone mold!

The final crystal measures approximately 2.5" high x 2.25" wide.

Tips (always follow instructions for the resin you are using - these are meant as general guidelines):

  • Always pour your resin into the hardener (pour hardener into the mixing container first, then resin). 
  • Stir resin with a plastic or silicone stirring stick to reduce air bubbles. Wood is not recommended as it can create air bubbles.
  • Let resin sit a few minutes after stirring to reduce air bubbles.
  • Don’t use a torch or heat gun as it could damage the molds and make it difficult to de-mould, causing them to tear - this is especially true near the edges.
  • Wash mold as needed in warm soapy water.

    NOTE: This is NOT a shiny mold. You can coat your crystal with resin after you take it out of the mold to make it shiny if desired.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Dana Owens
    Love the candle holder set!

    I have already made many of the candle holder set. The only thing negative about them is that if any spills over the top around the edges, it is very hard to get it off when cleaning. It’s a raw edge and I’m worried they will tear trying to get access resin off. I still love them and I’m using the mold s much!!

    Linda Estrada

    It’s very hard to get out of the mold even with mold release. I like it but that difficulty means I won’t use much

    David Birch
    3D crystal mold

    Very very difficult to remove after hardened.

    Tina Joiner
    Was very happy with my purchase...

    Great website, easy to purchase and checkout and fast delivery as well as great products.

    Eric Van Marter
    Great mold to add texture and form to other resign designs.

    The mold is made of a high quality material and very sturdy. I'm not sure what it's made of, but it much stronger than rubber molds. I'm having fun sticking "iceburgs" into as many pieces as I can.