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Hand Sander with 8 Sanding Strips


Regular price $10.00

This ultra convenient hand sander is a must have for your resin projects! And any other project where you need a bit of sanding finish. 

At 4.5” long and designed to fit comfortably in your hand, these sanders come with Velcro(TM)-like strips of paper so you can easily replace with fresh paper when needed. Sanding strips measure 3.5" x 1".

Along with this hand sander, you get 4 strips of 320 grit sandpaper and 4 strips of 800 grit sand paper so you can move between medium and fine finishing. 

We love a good flood coat, but have never been able to escape the need for sandpaper. For getting in small spaces around handles and coaster edges, to large tray edges, this is truly the most handy and versatile tool ever! (In our opinion) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sonia Connor
Perfect fit

The hand sander is very comfortable. I have small hands and often find the “made for everyone” sizes hard to handle. This sander is perfectly designed and light. Easy for me to handle and control with ease.

Julie Fred
Great product

I absolutely love the sanding strips. They are awesome to use on my dominoes or my bears.

JoAnn Christensen
Hand Sander

I love this sander, it's easy to hang on to and sands my small projects beautifully.

Andrew Grammer

Loving this product. Makes sanding my resin coasters so much easier!! Thank you LoliVefe!