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LoliVefe Apron


Regular price $16.00

This apron is not only stylish but also will help you keep paint off your clothes while you dance with delight and create with unimagined enthusiasm! Wow!

The apron measures 27" wide. The ties are 25.5" each. It's made of a polyester blend.

That's a wrap...

Customer Reviews

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Merrie Parks
Review of apron

Made of good quality material. Works great while painting. I have been paint free while wearing my apron. It is also very comfortable.

Pat Snelling Weiner

Love, love your products.

Sue Ponder
LoliVefe Apron Mixed Feelings

I wanted to love the apron because I love the company. It has good and bad things in my opinion. The material is thin and paint does seep through and the neck doesn't adjust so It sags too much. I love the long ties around the waist it makes it so much easier to tie. The length is great as well. Customer service is excellent and there's always a bonus item with your purchase.
My wish list for any updates would be for it to wrap around more on the sides, I'm always wiping my hands on my sides or putting my hands on my hips.
More pockets in the front, adjustable, tie or snaps for the neck, thicker or different material that does a better job of keeping paint from seeping through.
Not trying to be negative just giving my honest opinion. I'm comparing it to one I bought of Wish which had many of those features. But I stopped washing it and it became a stiff board and it didn't wrap around enough either.
I still love LoliVefe.

Lisa Duffield
Lolivefe Apron

Love my Lolivefe apron! I wear it every time I paint, and I paint a lot!

Lisa Rademacher Oldfield
Best Apron Ever!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this apron! The ties fit around my waist with room to spare and it’s great quality. I will buy again