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Maxi Squeeze Bottles (250ml) - 5 PACK


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Complete your set of Squeeze bottles with this larger option (250ml or 8.45oz) perfect for the paint you use a lot of (white, black, blues... orange?).

If you love life, you will absolutely love these squeeze bottles:

  • No little red caps that go missing or don't seal when you want to shake things up; the screw top keeps your paint right where you want it, (and not where you don't) 
  • Because of the screw-top seal, your paints keep longer without drying out or getting crusty
  • You can wash up easily without risk of getting water in your paint if you run the bottles under the faucet

These bottles come in sets of 5 of the 250ml size. 

They measure just under 7.5" tall and 2" wide.

And while it seems obvious, it has to be said -- don't put them in the dishwasher. :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
Jessica K.

I ordered the M-Series Maxi squeeze bottles 250 ml. The first order was damaged and they were gracious enough to replace them. However the replacement set was was not the M-Series. I didn't want to ask them to replace another set, but I didn't get what I originally ordered.

Donna L Campbell
Love my bottles

These are great and I will be getting more!

Tricia Gregoire

I’m setting up my art studio and after watching KANELLA on YouTube, I ordered because she recommended LOLIVEFE and I’m so happy I did!! Can’t wait to buy more!!

D Hunter
Best Mats EVER!

These mats in various sizes are the absolute best for fluid acrylic pour painting. Easy clean up and very durable, they are truly worth every penny!!!

Pamela Gillespie
Maxi Squeeze Bottles

The BEST squeeze bottles I’ve found to store my chalk paint in for my paint workshops and everyday use. Highly recommend.