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MDF Rounds - 12"

Regular price $18.00

These beautiful composite board rounds give you a solid foundation upon which to create gorgeous works of art. These mdf canvasses are perfectly suited for paint, resin or mixed media creations.

They measure 12" in diameter and are .6" thick. They are carved out at the back with the cut out being .3" deep and 10.9" in diameter so they are super easy to hang from the inside ring. And this mdf design has a thinner edge at .55" which means you can use the back for beautiful trays or even as a frame! Simply paint the back and edge and then fill the center with your design--flip cup, ring pour, resin ocean, geode... endless possibilities!

This MDF design comes in 12" and 16" sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sue Fitzpatrick

They are a perfect size! I enjoy working with the rounds very much.

Genya Ravan

Lolivefe has been one of the companies I can rely on The Wood Rounds are incredible…on all fronts.. including a great resin I am about to try one for a clock.
Thank you Lolivefe….

Cyn Dobraniecki
Mdf rounds

I love these! the quality is excellent love the thickness, the ease of hanging them and they require no prep work when doing a resin masterpiece.

Veronica Dewey
12 inch round

Love the 12 inch round.

Laura Thompson
Can't wait to use them

I know these will be fun to use but have not been able to paint to them yet. I hope I can produce the kind of painting these products deserve.