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Micro Mixing Bowl Set

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These LoliVefe Micro Mixing Bowls are a tiny version of the original silicone mixing bowls! And yes, they too are made of silicone, so like our Craft Mats, stuff won't stick! Or at least, it peels off easily.

These micro bowls are perfect for mixing small batch colors of resin or paint for accents, lines and small details. Because they are silicone and flexible, you can squeerer the spout for very fine lines or keep it open for a slightly thicker pour. 

This set includes:

  • 2 silicone micro bowls @ 1 oz each these bowls are not only adorable, they are a must have in your artist tool box.
  • 1 silicone pick - not for stirring but for getting pesky dust, hair and other floaties out of your resin or paint - can also use the ends for detailing (this would replace a toothpick, for example, and because it's silicone it wipes clean and is instantly reusable). This tool alone is worth getting the set. The way the pointy end picks up dusties is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. 
  • 1 silicone scoop - also not for stirring but this one is perfect for scooping the small amounts of mica into the micro mixing bowls (that's a lot of m's).
  • 2 sticks - these plastic tapered sticks are for stirring! They are small enough to work in the micro bowls so you don't go reaching for those awful wooden popsicle sticks ... you're welcome!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Veronique Fullmer

I didn't get the mixing bowl's. But I love all your products and have purchased a lot of them. You give excellent service. Thanks.

Judy Kritikos
Love silicone!

Perfect! Shipped fast, easy to clean. Love these

Dwenise Davis
Dwenise Davis

I really like them mix just enough and gets in the tinyest spaces. Great

Excellent products!!!

First time buying from here. Not disappointed at all!! This is definitely my go to store. I recommend for sure!! Thank you!

Babs Proctor
Magic Micro Bowls

love the whole set! makes it so easy to pour tiny places and fine details.