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Micro Squeeze Bottles (100ml) - 10 PACK


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If you're into acrylic painting, and need to mix smaller batches of colors, these Micro bottles are your new best friends. The baby bear to the Maxi and Minis, the Micros are 100ml (3.4oz) and, frankly, they are just adorable!

  • They are perfect for very small mixes (think lots of lacing)
  • There are no little red caps that go missing or don't seal when you want to shake things up; the screw top keeps your paint right where you want it, (and not where you don't) 
  • Because of the screw-top seal, your paints keep longer without drying out or getting crusty
  • You can wash up easily without risk of getting water in your paint if you run the bottles under the faucet

These bottles come in sets of 10 of the 100ml size. The photo shows relative size to the other two bottles only. 

They measure just under 5.5" tall and 1.5" wide.

And while it seems obvious, it has to be said -- don't put them in the dishwasher. :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Bonnie Laurence
great squeeze bottles

Love these bottles for my fluid art. Would recommend them.

Denise Malmanger

Love this little bottle! They are easy to use and great quality!

Nancy Alba

I recieved the bottles and they are amazing! I would highly recommend these bottles!!!

Moyra Davis
100ml Squeeze Bottles

love the product. I have ordered them multiple times in various sizes as well. Keeps the paint in liquid form (no drying up), no spillage, no losing the tip!

Paula Barnaba
Greatest Ever

This is the second time I have ordered these bottles. I was recycling plastic bottles for my acrylic paints. I moved to using "condiment plastic". Within one week all containers were dry and I lost a lot of money. These bottles store my acrylic paints. It is great to be able to use the paints weeks later. They store well upright and don't leak when they fall on to their side. The cap comes apart and it makes it easy to keep the patency of the nozzle of the bottle. I store thin-medium-thick acrylic paints. I reuse the bottles. I just soak bottles with warm soapy water - shake it a bit and rinse . Caps do come apart for bottle maintenance but nice to have capped bottles. No loss of lids! Well worth the money.