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Spinner Guard

Sale price $18.00 Regular price $22.00

If you've ever tried using a spinner to enhance your acrylic paintings, you likely discovered (the hard way) that paint can fly with those things! Especially if you get into it and really crank the spinner... oof! 

Enter the Spinner Guard! We've reimagined a pet pool to provide a great contained work area for your spinning art! Made of PVC, it’s one of the best crafting items you never knew you needed. And it’s foldable so you can put it away when not needed!

We have two options for the Spinner Guard and both are the perfect size for the LoliVefe Spinner:

  • Small - 60cm or 23.5" in diameter (yes, the same size as our round silicone craft mat - BIG, just in case you want to put a mat on the bottom of the Guard) and 7.5” tall
  • Medium - 80cm or 31.5" in diameter and 8” tall

Note: Image show with spinner and mat is for illustration purposes; items sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Excellent For Painting In Small Spaces

I’m so glad I discovered this spinner pool from a U Tube Artist. I have limited space to do my pour paintings. It catches all excess paint. I have the smaller pool I can put my cake spinner in it. Cleans easy. Less mess! Helps me create more type of artwork. Highly recommended.

Anne Marie
Paint pour spinner guard

Very good, no spattering outside of tub.

Vicki Weis

I have little room to paint. So, this size spinner guard is perfect for my painting space. It has allowed me a lot more options in what I can do as far as the canvass goes. I am absolutely smiling everyday I wake because I know I will make something so perfect. Thanks, LoliVefe.

Rebecca Falbo
Spinner Guard review

Spinner guard is easy to use for any size canvas and other painting surfaces. I wish I’d have purchased it sooner!

Billie Everett
Spinner guard

I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, but am looking forward to it and know it will help me keep things a little cleaner!