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The Mega Silicone Craft Mat - RECTANGLE (39 x 55")


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The Mega Mat is the granddaddy of our silicone craft mat collection. For those really big projects, or to cover your entire work surface, this is the craft mat for you. 

We now offer the Mega Mat in 2 sizes!

The RECTANGLE Mega measures in at 39 x 55" and will accommodate most crafting areas and provide a more sustainable / environmentally friendly solution. On your table, or yes--even under a work area--this mat has you covered!

The SQUARE Mega measures in at 39 x 39" and is just slightly larger than a standard US card table (typically 34 x 34"). This is a great option for those of you who are working on a surface that is, well... square! Works under your space a swell, and is a great option for the back of your car as a cargo protector, or under a high chair to protect your floors. The possibilities are endless!

      The images here show many of our silicone mats to provide relative sizing. The Rectangle Mega is the big mat in the back!

      These mats are great for anything, and roll/fold up for easy storage or transportation. And it comes with a scraper!!! 

      To clean, scrape wet material off with the scraper, or soak dried on material in a sink and scrub with a sponge. You can also use packing tape to get the little leftover bits to come off which is a very fast way to clean you mat.

      Check out this video for tips on cleaning!

      NOTE: These mats are NOT recommended for use with Art Resin. Art Resin can adhere to the surface of the mats and bond with the silicone surface. We have not had an issue with any other resin, but Art Resin causes an issue. Also, high pigment materials like Alcohol Ink can cause staining.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 248 reviews
      Rusti Sax
      Excellent silicone mat

      This mat is very thin, but very strong. It is EXCELLENT for helping to keep your work area clean, and it’s easy to clean up. I love it and it folds away to a small size when I need to put it away. I love it!


      This mat is HUGEMONGOUS and covers my entire work surface (currently my kitchen table)! I love it! Cleans up well and my pieces don't slide around.

      Beatrice Stair
      Craft mat

      Great size. Makes it easy to clean up paint and silicone.

      Theresa Skanes

      The Mega Silicone Craft Mat - RECTANGLE (39 x 55")

      Ronald Boyle
      Great Silicone Mat

      So easy to remove wet or dried up acrylic paint. I’m happy with this purchase.