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The Petite Silicone Craft Mat (15.7 x 19.7")


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This amazing mat is made of silicone to make clean up after crafts super easy.

Smaller than its Jumbo cousin, it measures in at 15.7" x 19.7" (40 x 50cm).

It's great for paint, clay, slime and a million other crafts. And it comes with a scraper!!! 

It's perfect when you have a smaller space to work in, and kids love it! 

Check out this video for tips on cleaning!

NOTE: These mats are NOT recommended for use with Art Resin. Art Resin can adhere to the surface of the mats and bond with the silicone surface. We have not had an issue with any other resin, but Art Resin causes an issue. Also, high pigment materials like Alcohol Ink can cause staining.

Customer Reviews

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Gabriela A. de Lopez
Very good

I cleaned my mat with a damp cloth, there are many tiny particles that I can remove, How can I clean it?

Eric Van Marter
These mats are the GREATEST thing since sliced bread, toilet paper or the moon landing

I have many mats from Lolivefe. I have (I think) all the sizes and multiples of most of them. n I use the Mega Mat to cover my work table in my studio and my dining room table (studio space #2). About 6 weeks ago I started making items for an event in June. I use paint, resin, polyurethane, alcohol ink, glitter, paint and resin pigment, Elmer's glue, and ModgePodge in making the items. I used this size mat on top of the Mega Mat (or 4 at a time) and when they because to dirty, I just turnied them upside down - brand new clean mat!!!! One of the last things I made was some 15" round lazy susan's using the Dutch pour technique. So there was quite a bit of paint that ran down the sides onto the mats. I needed to quickly use the table before everything had dried and I could clean the mats easily, so I cheated a bit and put a dollar store shower curtain on top of the dining room table and on top of the incredible mess that was on the top and bottom of the mats. I put a couple of coats of polyurethane on pieces on top of the shower curtains. Well, the event came and went and the mess on my table sat there with the shower curtain on top for over a month. Yes, I am quite the procrastinator. Finally, I decided I wanted my table back so I peeled off the shower curtain and the mats were exactly as I had left them a month earlier. Wet paint and all. I took them to my bathtub, rinsed off the wet paint, use the wonderful Lolivefe scrapers to get off the resin, dried paint, polyurethane, etc. and the came out as if I had just used them for the first time. If you haven't tried these mats but want reusable, extremely easy to clean mats for your work surface, you MUST order some of these mats. I absolutely love them. I have given them as gifts to other people who love them also. GREAT product (as all of your products are) LOLIVEFE!!!!!!

Juliet Alexander
Wonderful product!

I received 2 of these in a previous collab box set and they are just THE BEST. I don’t do any painting without them now. What a Great product. Thank you.

Nataliya Kuzmova

The Petite Silicone Craft Mat (15.7 x 19.7")

Petite silicone craft mat

The perfect size for small projects. Love this mat.